The Paschal Triduum

From Thursday through Sunday of this week, we shall continue our worship of Holy Week through the Paschal Triduum; the services we have come to know as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

On Maundy Thursday we will commemorate the Last Supper, and our continuing Christian understanding of servitude.  Throughout the night and unto Good Friday, we will wait and watch with our Lord. (The Church will be open for prayer from 8:00am til 6:00pm).  For it is on this Friday that we shall remember the great sacrifice that came as a result of the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The services for both Thursday and Friday will begin at 6:00pm.

The last and greatest of the three days will take place on the Sunday morning of Easter at 10:30am.  This is the time in which we will celebrate the glorious resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ; and, seek to renew through Him our own Baptismal covenant.  It is the time in which we may once again say Alleluia, without reservation!