Our Church

Clergy, Staff, and Wardens

The Rev. Darrell L. “Dee” Stayton, Vicar
870-673-2848 (office)
870-267-2742 (cell)
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Candace Prine, Treasurer
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Elisabeth Carter, Organist
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Marianne Maynard, Senior Warden
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Don Foot, Junior Warden
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Church History

St. Albans Episcopal Church was established in October of 1904. It is to this day the longest serving church at the same location in the Stuttgart area. This building was built as a memorial to Bishop Philander Chase of Ohio. His family donated Bishop Chase’s communion cup and paten that he carried in his saddlebags as he carried out his mission. These treasures remain in the church today.

St. Alban’s is patterned after a English country church and was named for the first English martyr and saint. The church building doubled from its original size when renovations were completed in 1995. In 1952 the Parish Hall was added and in 1959, the former Russian Orthodox Church from Slovak, Ark., was moved to the grounds and converted into children’s classrooms and a nursery. In 1999, a memorial garth (prayer garden) was built and dedicated to Mark Townsend, a faithful member of St. Albans and well-known community leader and businessman.

St. Albans has always invited the public at large to use our worship space at any time, especially the sanctuary and garth. It is a church where the past and the present fit seamlessly together.